We are dedicated to supplying and installation of electric car (EV) charging units and in week 46 2020 have installed a total of 13 EV Charging points.

7 X Rolec EVHS2020 universal socketed (untethered) home smart charging points with the power rating of 7.4KW 32Amp all received OLEV grant funding

5 X Rolec EVHS2140 tethered car charging units, that are home smart with a power rating of 7.4KW 32Amp. All these units received the OLEV grant fund.

We also installed a Basicharge pedestal unit with 2 x universal Type 2 socketed with a power rating of 32Amp 7.4KW per socket

the installation of EV Charging units to place in Farnborough, Yateley, Ash Vale, Frimley Green, Aldershot, Basingstoke, Knaphill, Guildford, Tadley, Blackwater, Lightwater, Farnham and Bordon.

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