At Earth Electrical we made the conscious decision to only work with one Brand/Make of EV charging equipment.
The reason for this is so we gain experience of the product and the faults that may occur.
As I am sure you will appreciate that there is nothing perfect in this world and problems can happen.
I believe in hindsight the above has worked out incredibly well, as now 6 years of installing we have gained a in-depth knowledge of all the Rolec Products and that makes our after care service invaluable.
We rely on our vehicles for vital travel and require a charging solution to stay working and that requires a team with product experience and knowledge. 
We have over 4000 Rolec units installed and right now they are all working.

We stick to working with one manufacture 
We have worked with Rolec for over 6 years now

We have a good connection with all of the team at Rolec.

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