Short week last week due to having a long weekend break on Isle of Wight in shanklin (windy but very nice, to get away)

Week 8 saw us install 11 Rolec Home smart EV charging units

6 x Rolec EVHS2020 untethered 32Amp 7.4KW homesmart car charging points

5 Rolec EVHS2140 tethered 32Amp 7.4KW homesmart car charging units

Installs took place: Fleet untethered 32Amp charging unit, Woking Black/grey EV Charging point, Basingstoke untethered 32Amp 7.4KW, Newbury tethered unit, Binfield Terracotta untethered unit, Virginia Water white/grey tethered unit, Woking tethered charging unit, Frimley, ash and camberley.

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