Whether it is Solar PV or EV charging, we have invested in strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers that are willing to continually invest in technology and responding to client needs. We strive to educate all of our staff to ensure that we offer the optimum experience throughout all stages of the supply and installation of any solution.

The Earth Electrical difference

Our understanding of the market recognises that bringing energy to EVs is a significant commitment not just during the installation phase but also on an ongoing basis. The legislation is rapidly evolving to ensure proper regulation in the industry, so it is important that any deployment will have ongoing support and can adapt to necessary changes impacting compliance and Health and Safety.

Combining an EV with a solar solution, not only increases the green credentials of your enterprise, but also has the potential to significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint simultaneously.

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Our aim is to make renewable energy affordable and beneficial to all. We have designed and installed solar systems since 2008 and electric vehicle charging since 2015.

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