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About the Rolec Basiccharge

The BASICCHARGE is a simplistic and affordable EV charging pedestal. This versatile charger’s integrated LED amenity lighting also provides greater visibility of the charging bays and surrounding areas. This future-proof OCPP compliant pedestal can offer a simple plug & charge or pay-to-charge solution via the EV driver’s smartphone and/or RFID card/fob through any chosen OCPP back-office management system.

Designed forCar ParksWorkplacesDevelopment SitesPublic Locations


  • Plug & charge, mobile app or RFID controlled charging
  • Choose from 1x or 2x universal charging socket(s)
  • Up to 7.4kW or 22kW charging output(s)
  • TruePEN PME fault detection (no earth rod required)
  • Supports dynamic load balancing & static load management
  • OCPP 1.6 compliant (Can integrate with any back-office)
  • Over-the-air firmware / software updates
  • Built-in AC overload & fault current protection (RCBO)
  • Built-in 6mA DC leakage protection
  • Cable lock feature (can be permanently locked by user)
  • Integrated RFID reader(s)
  • LED amenity lighting head (Photocell controlled)
  • MID-approved energy metering
  • 4G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet connectivity
  • IK10 impact resistant design
  • Surface or root mountable
  • OZEV grant fundable
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK


  • Materials: Substructure – Hot-dipped Galvanised Steel, Panel – 3.2mm Aluminium composite, Lens – High impact resistant 3mm Polycarbonate, Lid/collar – ABS Granulate Natural Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 205mm (W), 1130mm (H), 205mm (D)
  • Charge Protocol: Mode 3
  • Input Voltage: 230V AC (±10 %), 50/60Hz (Single Phase), 400V AC (±10 %), 50/60Hz (3 Phase)
  • Protection: AC overload & fault current protection, DC fault protection - 6mA, Lightning surge, over temperature protection, PME fault detection, Supports dynamic & static load balancing

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