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SolarEdge Home Battery 400V

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About the SolarEdge SolarEdge Home Battery 400V

Deliver power when and where it’s needed most with our highly efficient SolarEdge Home Battery 400V. By storing excess solar production in a battery, homeowners can save power for nights, cloudy days, and peak demand periods, potentially lowering their electricity bills. They can also enjoy backup power during grid failure, to minimize the impact on their daily routine.

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  • DC coupled battery featuring outstanding overall system efficiency, generating more energy to store and use for on-grid and backup power applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with the complete SolarEdge Home ecosystem using SolarEdge Home Network, offering a single source for warranty, support, and training, to streamline logistics & operations
  • Scalable solution for increased power and capacity with multiple SolarEdge inverters and batteries
  • Solar, storage, EV charging, and smart devices all monitored and managed by a single app to an optimized production, consumption, and backup power
  • Simple plug and play installation, with automatic SetApp-based configuration
  • Flexible installation - wall or floor mount, indoor or outdoor
  • Wireless communication to the inverter, reducing wiring, labor, and installation faults
  • Includes multiple safety features for battery protection


  • Output: Usable energy (100% depth of discharge) - 9700 Wh, Continuous Output Power(1) - 5000 W, Peak Output Power in Backup (for 10 seconds) - 7500 W, Peak Roundtrip Efficiency - 94.5 %, Warranty(2) - 10 Years, Voltage Range - 350 – 450 Vdc, Max Continues Output Current - 14.3 A, Max Short Circuit Current / Duration - 1k/10 Adc/msec
  • Additional Features: Compatible Inverters(3) - SolarEdge Home Hub/Wave Inverter, StorEdge Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology, Batteries Per Inverter - Up to 3, Communication Interfaces - Wireless(4) and RS485
  • Certifications: Cell - IEC62619, Battery - IEC 61010-1, IEC 62619, UN38.3, UL9540, UL9540A, Emissions - IEC 61000-6-1, IEC 61000-6-3
  • Dimensions: 1179mm (H), 790mm (W), 250mm (D), Weight - 119kg
  • Environment: Mounting - Floor or wall mount, Ambient Operating Temperature Range(7) - -10 to +50 °C, Storage Temperature (limited period)(8) - -30 to +60 °C, Storage Temperature (up to 12 months from shipment date) - -10 to +30 °C, Enclosure Protection - IP55 – indoor and outdoor (water and dust protection), Maximum Altitude - 2000 m, Cooling - Natural convection, Noise at 1m Distance - < 25 dBA
SolarEdge Home Battery 400V

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